Weekend Reads

Reads. For the weekend.

THE LAST DAY OF CHANUKA IS UPON US! How I wish it weren’t so …. Up ahead, the book I’m planning to read this Shabbos and the articles I enjoyed this week.

  • Why We Think Cats Are Psychopaths, by Sarah Zhang in The Atlantic, Feburary 2019

    Great headline for what turns out to be a pretty academic article! Cats aren’t as domesticated as dogs! They don’t need to please us! I admire cats for this. I need to be reading such articles in the event that I lose the Great GUS Debate of Which Pet is Better.

  • The Most Fabulous On-Screen Fashion Moments From 2020, PORTER

    Ah, the end of year lists are coming! Some of my favorite compilations are the fashion-in-film moments, a crossover of passions that require more consideration than a red carpet decision. Obviously I was as taken with The Queen’s Gambit, Moira Rose and The Great as the next person, but I’m not convinced that they beat out last year’s film offerings. I want a Devil Wears Prada every year! Give it to me!!!