Weekend Reads

Reads. For the weekend.

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  • The Innocents, by Francesca Segal

    I am, like, personally offended that I didn’t know a Jewish retelling of The Age of Innocence exists until now. I’m really enjoying this light, sexy read, though I wish it weren’t mostly the guy’s point of view. The details about the British Jewish community are fun and it has a great amount of tongue-in-cheek commentary. Hat tip: 8 Brilliant Novels About The Contemporary Jewish Experience

  • Israel Quietly Opens Its Borders, and Palestinians Have a Beach Day, by Adam Rasgon for The New York Times

    A semi-sanctioned hole in the border fence of the West Bank allowed Palestinians to visit the beach for the first time in their lives. I got really emotional reading this, not least because it sounds like the final scene in a dystopian novel where the downtrodden people reach paradise at last. I have complicated feelings about Israel. (Who doesn’t?) This article hit the spot in my heart that knows people there are suffering.

  • Five Micros, by Kathy Fish in Pidgeonholes

    Whenever I’m trying to get back into writing flash fiction after some time away, I read some of Kathy Fish’s work. She is such a master of the genre.

  • Skating Costumes I Have Known, by Lena Moses-Schmitt in The Believer

    A lovely nonfiction/comic hybrid, with feministic political commentary sewn in (ha!).

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